In this weeks episode of This Week In London Tweets we have our first guest Jay Menard who we talk about PC candidates not going to debates and voter engagement. We also cover the latest news in the LHSC scandal.  A good long episode of local and provincial politics and tweets.

Our apologies for the sound issues, still some bugs to work out!


Jay Menard.

Web site:

Other links.

LHSC Scandel.

LFP editorial on leadership re: health scandel.

Dr Fiseman’s comments

Email from CEO to staff.

Provincial Election

Jay’s Puerile Politics Scorecard

Stuart’s list of candidates tweeting and if they tweet alone.

Greg Fowler’s Blog Post on Nancy Branscombe

Thanks to UnLondon & the UnLabfor the recording space.

Unlab now has open nights, every Wednesday except the first Wednesday of the Month.

7-9:30pm See the unlondon.capage soon for more details.

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